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Center for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
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NMR Facility - Operating Policies

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Dr. Andrew Hinck has the primary oversight responsibility for the high field NMR core, while the NMR facility manager, Dr. Kristin Cano-McCue, is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the core. As time passes, the needs of particular research groups may change. An internal oversight committee consisting of a diverse group of researchers will set policy and periodically review operating procedures of the UTHSCSA Biomolecular NMR Core to meet the changing needs of the users. Membership on the oversight committee will be for a one to three year term, with openings staggered to insure continuity. Reappointment to the oversight committee is permitted when appropriate. The Core Director, Core manager, and Department Chairman are ex-officio members of the Core oversight committee, but do not having voting privileges. The committee will meet once per year for the purposes of policy review. The present composition of the oversight committee is indicated below:

Core Oversight Committee

The composition of the NMR Core Oversight Committee follows:
Voting Members
Dr. John MarkleyCommittee ChairProfessor of Biochemistry at UW-Madison and Director of the National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison
Dr. Eileen LaferFaculty UserDept. Biochemistry, UTHSCSA
Dr. Don McEwenFaculty UserGreehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute, UTHSCSA
Dr. Bjorn SteffensenFaculty UserDept. Periodontics, UTHSCSA
Dr. Susan MooberryFaculty UserDept. Pharmacology, UTHSCSA
Ex-Officio Members
Dr. Bruce NicholsonChair Dept. of Biochemistry, UTHSCSA
Dr. Andrew P. HinckCore Director and Faculty UserDept. of Biochemistry, UTHSCSA
Dr. Kristin Cano-McCueCore Technical DirectorDept. of Biochemistry, UTHSCSA

Access Rules

Users requesting NMR time should first read and understand the operating and safety policies for the NMR facility and complete an Acceptance-of-Use Form which acknowledges their the willingness to cover any fees incurred and to acknowledge use of the NMR facility in publications that result from its use (the Acceptance-of-Use Form is required for new users; existing users only need complete this form at the beginning of the fiscal year (Sept. 1)).

User requests for NMR time should be made by visiting the scheduling page. In cases where the requests exceed the amount of instrument time available, the following criteria will be used to determine priority of usage. NIH grantees, Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC) members, and UTHSCSA investigators will be given highest priority. Investigators affiliated with some of these groups, but not all, will be given the next highest priority. In instances where Investigators with equal priority (say each associated with two of the above groups) are competing for instrument time, the time will be divided equally. Investigators from other academic Insitutions in Texas, Investigators from academic Institutions outside of Texas, and non-academic Investigators are considered (in this order) last.

User Fees

User fees will be charged based on hourly usage of the NMR spectrometers. Usage times will be determined electronically (using a script which automatically logs the number of hours each user runs the spectrometer control program TOPSPIN). User fees are determined annually and are adjusted to recover the routine (cryogens and annual cryoprobe maitenance) and non-routine (instrument and computer failure) maintence portion of the operating costs. Users are required to sign an ACCEPTANCE OF USE" form on an annual basis (a new form is required when the annual fees for the next fiscal year take effect (Sept 1)) to accessing the spectrometers (the acceptance of use form acknowledges the fee structure currently in place and indicates acceptance to cover any charges accrued).

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Last updated on August 23, 2018