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Center for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
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Application form for use of the NMR facility

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This form is intended as a guide to help you get started. It is not necessary to fill out this form if you have already discussed your experimental system with the facility director (in this case you can simply fill out the request form for an existing user by going back one page and by clicking on the link above). If on the other hand you would like to fill out the form and then have the information reviewed by the facility director prior to discussing your experimental system, that would be fine as well. Per the policies of the NMR facility, prior to any request for instrument time, you should first review the operating, safety, and fee policies for the facility and complete an Acceptance-of-Use Form (note - this is only required for new users; if you are an existing user you should review and complete an Acceptance-of-Use Form following changes in the fee schedule, which occurs at the start (Sept. 1) of each fiscal year).

Your Name:            Principal Investigator:


Campus Address:

Phone:       Fax:

Email address:

Briefly describe the system you would like to study and the specific questions you would like to answer:

List the NMR active nuclei that you are interested in studying (1H, 13C, 15N or 31P). List any specific NMR
experiments that you are interested in conducting. If you cannot answer either of these questions, answer "unsure".

Include details about the source of the macromolecules you plan to study (amounts of purified protein that can
be obtained, extent of purity and the means by which this estimate was obtained, if prepared by recombinant means,
host system and yield (in milligrams) per liter of culture medium).

Describe any characterization of the macromolecules you have conducted (bioassays or biophysical characterization,
such as molecular weight by mass spectrometry or behavior in solution by analytical ultracentrifugation)

Include details about the molecular weights, solubility, and sample conditions under which you would like to
conduct your studies (click here for guidelines for sample preparation).

Are you aware of any NMR studies that have already been published on this system or highly related systems?
If so include literature references and explain how your work is different or complementary to that already published

Do you have any NMR experience? If so, would you desire training or assistance from personnel associated
with the NMR facility. If not, are you interested in being trained to use the NMR facility?

Is your laboratory already funded to support this research, or will the data collected in the NMR facility be used
to support a grant application?

Any additional comments that may be useful in evaluating the feasibility of the conducting NMR studies on
this system.

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Last updated on August 25, 2005