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Center for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
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Linux Software Information

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     The UTHSCSA Center for Biomolecular NMR supports an extensive network of offline computer workstations and associated software to facilitate in the offline analysis of NMR data collected in the Center.  This computer system is presently Linux-based and includes a cluster of six windows Linux workstations.  Although each of the computers differs slightly from the others with respect to their CPU, memory, and data storage, a uniform computing environment is maintained by using two well-established Linux networking protocols - network information services (NIS) and network file system (NFS).

     NIS is important in this regard as this provides a server - client type of model wherein basic administration tasks, such as maintenance of user accounts and file permissions, are accomplished system-wide through the computer designated as the "NIS server".  NFS provides additional important capability in this regard as it provides a means data disk sharing among computers which are part of the NIS network.   The combined advantage of this type of computing environment is that user accounts, software packages, and data disks which are available for reading/writing are identical irregardless of which workstation is utilized for processing.

     These features are important for ensuring effective use of the computing resources available in the Center since in effect users are only required to be familiar with a single type of computer system, even though the computer system itself is comprised of multiple non-identical hardware components.  The approach also offers numerous obvious advantages to the adminstrator, but probably the most important of these is flexibility with regard to upgrading hardware or software components of the system.

     These web pages are an integral part of the Biomolecular NMR NIS computer system.  They provide information about the computing resources available (and how to use them), as well as which software packages are available (and how to use them).  In many cases, online manuals are available.  In other cases (particularly for some of the customized software packages and utilities that have been developed by staff in the NMR facility) only a brief description of the how to run the program is provided.   Access to the Biomolecular NMR NIS computer system is provided free of charge to any UTHSCSA faculty or staff who is accessing the facility.  If you would like to request access, please send an email message to the facility director.

     Further information about specific aspects of using the Biomolecular NMR NIS computer system can be obtained by clicking on one of links below.

Software Packages (with online help)     Information about the NIS System and Linux Primer    Software Packages (brief description only)
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Last updated on February 02, 2012