• There are a number of accessory programs supplied with the nmrpipe package. A number of these are very useful. Most of these programs will return a short description of the command syntax by issuing the program name followed by "-help". For example, addNMR -help. The underlined items can be viewed as web pages.
    Spectral Modification: addNMR addNoise zero2D scale2D extract2D interp2D byteSwap byteAdjust nmr2Mask
    Tools for Controlling NMRPIPE Processing: killShell waitFor M
    Tools for Showing/Changing Parameters: sethdr showhdr showApod getParm setfdata showfdata
    PCA Analysis: pcaNMR nmrRecon
    Spectral Simulation: simTimeND modelXY simSpecND simTD
    Spectral Format Conversion: pipe2ft pipe2spiff
    UNIX tools: lst printf nmrTerm xstat xNotify plotXY
    Analysis of Spectral Series sortTab addTabVar clustTab getCols seriesTab nlinLS
    NMRWish Spectral Analysis wish readROI gdb defineCell nmrWish drawROI peakfind readROI tclsh tkrm showSpiff
    Dipolar Coupling Analysis DC